150 x 125 cm mixed media warsaw period

„This painting has been inspired by watching programs about modern physics, demonstrating the convergence of macro- and micro-world. They have been translated into the language of a painting
as a futuristic tale about the interrelation of the flower and the antenna, about the similarity of the forest and electrical traction.
A man with a glass-like or metallic face and his vermilion knowledge-boxes make an equipment worthy of the illegitimate child of Marinetti and dynamomachine, they are just one of many elements of the puzzle here. And it should be like that, without exaltating a human or his knowledge. Simultaneously this painting tells yet another story: about the unity of the paint and the tools for spreading this paint. On the left, in about two fifths of the height, the broken palette-knife is incorporated into the picture. And it’s quite good metaphor: both the palette-knife and the science are tools - specific extensions of human brain.
So let’s make an assumption that this picture is about tools.” Text © Ph.D. Paweł Kozio

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