„To paint all the time, or to deform, the same mask, which is inappropriately called Chinese supposedly . To spread a few canvases close by – obligatory big - and to work primarily on them. Chinese- is a fundamental issue – it should change very slowly.
Admittedly there is no harm in drying up palette-knife by him from time to time, but the physical contact of the paint with the canvas is not the most important here. The flow is happen by looking in the first place. Mask is getting wiser and wiser slowly, cause of assimilating the lessons of the other paintings greedily.” Text © Ph.D. Paweł Kozioł I am pleased to present to you this extraordinary painting titled "Collapse," which not only evokes deep emotions but also transports us into a world of intense messaging and reflection. This masterpiece depicts a figure in a collapsing form, serving as a powerful symbol of struggle and strife that each of us can relate to. Bold lines and contrasting shades create a dramatic scene that stirs the deepest corners of our thoughts and feelings. "Collapse" is not just the name of the painting but also its essence, prompting us to contemplate the strength of the human spirit and its ability to endure even in the most challenging moments. This unique work of art is a reminder of our inner strength and determination, which can guide us even in the toughest moments of life. I encourage you to delve into the profound meaning of this painting and to discover its universal message that touches the hearts of each one of us.

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