180 x 110 cm oil on canvas 2023 usedom

The painting "X" takes us on a fascinating journey through natural space, showing us the mystical connection between the micro and macrocosm. The central point of the painting is a mysterious structure that, hovering in the air, seems to exist simultaneously in two worlds - the microscopic and the immense. The structure, with its indefinite shape, is like a bridge between two dimensions. Its surface is full of details, textures, and patterns that seem to vibrate and pulsate with energy. Through subtle shifts in colors and forms, the artist emphasizes the mystery and extraordinariness of this interpenetration. The painting "X" shows us that there are countless invisible connections and relationships in our environment that we do not perceive in our daily lives. Penetrations between worlds, between the visible and the hidden. It is an invitation to delve into the mysteries of nature and to understand that everything is interconnected, even if we are unable to perceive it. Looking at the painting "X" - Mikto and Macro: Interpenetration of Worlds, we feel a certain humility and astonishment at the invisible bonds that surround us. It is a reminder that our existence is just one element in the vast cosmic order. It leads us to deep contemplation of the mystery and beauty that lie in the relationships between worlds, imperceptible to our senses. The painting "X" is an invitation to immerse ourselves in the metaphysical labyrinth of interpenetrating worlds, where we can experience a beauty that is both mysterious and incomprehensible. It is a work of art that stimulates our imagination and encourages us to reflect on our role and connection to the unknown and elusive bonds that shape our lives.

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