oil on canvas 114 x 130 cm usedom period

The oil painting "Rebirth" is an extraordinary piece of art that evokes deep emotions and stimulates our imagination. Depicting plants intertwining with the rest of the earth's matter and depths, crystals, and emerging butterflies, the painting symbolizes the continuous rebirth of matter from death.
"Rebirth" is full of contrasts and harmony simultaneously. The depicted plants, interwoven with other elements, reflect the cycle of life and death, which is an integral part of our existence. Their delicacy and beauty contrast with the severity of the earth's matter, creating a harmonious whole.
In the painting, one can also notice the presence of a crystal, which symbolizes both durability and transparency. It is an indication that in difficult and transient moments, there is the possibility of rebirth and a return to beauty and clarity. The crystal is also a metaphor for internal purity and perfection that can emerge from within ourselves.
Additionally, the painting portrays emerging butterflies, which are a classic symbol of transformation and rebirth. Their delicacy and lightness contrast with the massive elements, reminding us that even in the most challenging moments, there is the potential for transformation and growth.
"Rebirth" is a reminder that everything in nature is in constant motion and change, that every death is the beginning of new life. The painting brings hope and encourages us to view the world from the perspective of eternity, where our matter will be reborn in different forms.

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