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Every Painting Is Several Months of Physical and Mental Work

Welcome to Alexandra Gorska Art Gallery, a place where art becomes an integral part of your surroundings. Our paintings are not just decor – they are works created with passion and dedication that go beyond ordinary ornamentation.

Every Painting Is Several Months of Physical and Mental Work

In our art studio, each painting is the result not only of artistic talent but also countless hours of physical and mental effort. Our artistic teams devote themselves to creating unique compositions that speak to the imagination and emotions.

From Concept to Reality: The Creation Process

Every one of our paintings goes through a meticulously crafted creation process. From inspiration to concept, from sketch to the final layer of paint, each stage is conducted with precision and a love for art. It’s not just a painting; it’s a story you can hang on your wall.

The Value We Bring to Your Interior

We understand that investing in art is also an investment in emotions and the atmosphere in your home. That’s why our prices include not only the hours of artists’ work but also our care in safely and elegantly delivering the artwork straight to your door.

Certificate of Authenticity: Ensuring the Genuine Article

Each artwork from Alexandra Gorska Art Gallery comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, confirming its origin and the genuine authorship of the renowned artist, Alexandra Gorska. This certificate is your assurance of the artwork’s authenticity and provenance.

Free Shipping – We Deliver Art Right to Your Home

To make your shopping experience even more special, we offer free shipping on all our paintings. Let art come to you, without any additional costs.

Invest in a Unique Piece of Art for Your Home

At Alexandra Gorska Art Gallery, we don’t just sell paintings – we offer the opportunity to own a unique piece of art that will become an integral part of your life. Discover the beauty that can transform your space and create unforgettable moments.

Feel free to browse our collection and experience art anew!

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