oil on canvas 114 x 130 cm berlin period

The painting "Jellyfish 1" transports us into the world of a solitary jellyfish, showcasing its beauty and delicacy in bright yet subtle colors, creating an impression of uninhibited freedom of space.
This lone jellyfish, floating in the ocean depths, reminds us of the elegance and harmony that can exist in solitude.
Its transparent, pulsating body is like a ballet of movement and light, drawing our gaze and prompting contemplation of its delicate motions. Around it stretches a space that invites reflection and a serene immersion in the colorful nuances of the surrounding world.
The painting "Jellyfish" with one jellyfish is an invitation to immerse oneself in the beauty of nature's simplicity, to discover the beauty in singular forms, and to experience the tranquility that flows from observing the delicate dance of its extraordinary body.

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