“Acoustics of the Vistula” – Poetic Dialogue of Nature with Sound

The film “Acoustics of the Vistula” is a mystical journey into the world of sound and nature, born from the inspiration of walks by Aleksandra Górska and Teresa Tyszowiecka, known as “Blask” (Radiance). This artistic collaboration along the banks of the longest river in Poland, the Vistula, transports the viewer into an extraordinary sound journey, encapsulating beauty and transcendence.

Sound director, composer, and performer Tadeusz Sudnik, founder of the Studio of Impossible Sounds, immerses the viewer in an incredible sound track, creating a composition that becomes the voice of the river. His ability to extract sounds that seem impossible adds a new dimension to the story, making the Vistula a living entity, speaking to the viewer through sound.

“Blask”  Teresa Tyszowiecka, a musician and translator, serves as living inspiration for this film, offering a fresh perspective on nature and sound. Their reflective walks underscore the beauty of the river, serving as a starting point for abstract sound compositions that create an extraordinary soundscape.

The film “Acoustics of the Vistula” is both an expression of love for nature and an experiment with the film form. It combines an artistic view of reality with a sound journey that leads the viewer through the mystical landscape of the Vistula. This work expands the boundaries of perceiving sound and nature, bringing together art, music, and the beauty of the river.

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