180 x 110 cm mix technik / oil on canvas
2024 Usedom

The story told by the painting was meant to be not only a fascinating journey across the surface of Venus but also an exceptional romantic experience, reminiscent of the most beautiful stories in the cosmos. At the heart of the narrative are the protagonists, Isa and Aler, outstanding scientists on a mission to discover the mysterious force hidden on Venus. Their journey was not only a scientific challenge but also a passionate experience. Interweaving the story of their love with the exploration of the magical corners of the planet, the painting "Venus" becomes both a cosmic space and an intimate testimony to the power of the human heart. The marketing campaign focuses on presenting "Venus" as a unique opportunity to own not only a work of art but also a symbolic manifesto of love and courage in exploring new horizons. Intimate encounters with the painting at exhibitions, interviews with the artist, and exclusive limited edition releases immerse customers in the fascinating story of a cosmic romance, making the artwork not only a decorative piece but also a source of inspiration for art and space travel enthusiasts.

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